2020 Hue Motion Sensor Activation Timeout / Delay / Inactivity / Timer

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I am going crazy over this.

I have a motion sensor and a smart button in the same room.

1. I enter the room and the motion sensor fires – lights turn on.
2. I exit the room and press the smart button – lights turn off.
3. I forgot something in the room and enter it again within 10 seconds – lights stay off.
4. I move around for XXX amount of minutes – lights stay off.
5. I exit the room and wait 10 seconds.
6. I enter the room and the motion sensor fires – lights turn on.

It seems like there is a 10 second delay after the motion sensor firing, in which the state of „motion detected“ and „motion undetected“ is locked can not change, therefore the motion sensor does not fire again.

I tried HueDynamic but the motion sensor function „Reset motion timout if lights are switched off“ does not work.

I tried all4hue but can’t find the appropriate setting (I tried to do it with timers, variables and so on, but no satisfying result).

I tried HueEssentials.. Alexa.. The original Hue app…

Nothing works.

Anyone has a working solution to my specified problem?

I do not care about battery life.
This is a mandatory.

Thanks and greetings,

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thank you for your question.

Exactly, the Philips Hue motion detector has a delay of 10 seconds. The reason for this is that the light would come on again immediately if you were still in the same room as the motion detector and the light was switched off.

I once asked a developer if you could change this time.

Greetings Tom

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